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Life After Lock down : How to stand ourselves?

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Life may not be same after lock down. We might face drastic changes in our day to day lives when lock down gets over. Many countries started their procedure with proper intents  and requirements to cope up with pandemic period. Still vaccine of Corona Virus has not found yet. Employees of  medical, military, bank and various services are habituated as they were serving to us from their full effort. I would like to express my gratitude to them from the core of my heart.

More or less, many nations are going to unlock themselves very soon, while some countries already started their economic schedules with visions. However, Social habits get change when lock down will over. “Massive levels of stress and anxiety are a big factor,” Clinical Psychologist Dr. Eddie Murphy told to Euro news. “It will impact different populations in different ways  but individuals stresses have been ramping up”.
Now, no more hug within friends, and shake strangers’ hands. We obviously feel embarrassing, when we find people not following physical distancing, walking without masks and safety. People possibly exclude their travel, deny visiting parties, seminars, get together, feast for a year or many more. Wedding style will get changed, only selected family members will be invited to attain ceremony. Likely; many such ceremonies will be sacrificed or even minimized, which might be threaten to our existing multi- cultures.
However, this pandemic situation has also brought families into close contact, some busy parents have enough time for their offspring and elderly members. Social contacts through Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, Skype,Messenger etc. in our off time, to our friends, colleagues,relatives have strengthened our bonds within them.
On the other hands, problems like; divorce cases, domestic violence cases, mental health issues, challenges of saving new mothers, online fraud have increased a lot while problems like smuggling, trafficking have dropped down. It has also estimated that by the next year population will increased too.
Nowadays, we are familiar with unscheduled routine which can create unhealthy condition within us in coming days. It’s like awkwardness to face direct light, after being fastened in a closed and dark room for some days. Slowly we get connected, if we find struggle as an opportunity. Naturally, people feel hard on themselves if they are finding it challenge to get back into routine.
Better the solution is, “be gentle and kind, believe and encourage yourselves”. Since, we are not alone in this terrifying conditions. Or, even, we can find and seek support from our trusted family members, friends, or our doctor. Sketch a plan from today onward in your own convenient and follow it honestly.
Of course, apart from parties and extravagant habit, one needs to struggle lots to bring life back to normal. One mustn’t forget physical distancing wherever he/ she travels since we have no reliable data to tell when this pandemic will end. Therefore, masks,  gloves, physical distancing, healthy habits and washing hands frequently are the best ways recommended by WHO,  to keep ourselves safe from COVID-19. Worldwide medical experts and scientists are putting their efforts to prepare vaccine against virus, according to news even, our nation has also shown its interest for making comfort zone.
Relief packages, for poor and marginalized people help to support this rampant conditions,  while rich people have handsome savings which easily support them.
Meantime,  middle class families are suffering now and will suffer after lock down is over. Nevertheless, there is life after this rampant, which we need to tackle soon. None of us know what exactly the situation looks in future. We all are worrying about finances, returning to work,  children going back to schools,  room rent, mental stress, finding new jobs or adjusting with environment.
Keeping ourselves alert and practicing healthy routine can bring encouragement with in us in this environment. Continuing ourselves in kitchen garden and terrace farming can make us self- esteem as lock down taught us about utilizing our garden and empty areas of home. Every individual involved themselves in their hobbies during this panic environment. Many of us were might familiar of visiting big markets,  supermarkets  often before but lock down made us close with our local shops and wholesale now.


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