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Bhusal accuses Chairman Oli of giving protection to those implicated in corruption

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KATHMANDU : A key idealogue of the ruling CPN-UML, Ghanashyam Bhushal has accused Chairman KP Sharma Oli of being intolerant to those who put forth different views in the party.

In his 11-page long clarification letter to Chairman Oli, who is also the prime minister, stated that Oli has already cornered leaders of the second generation for putting forth their dissident voices in the party. “You have such a corrupt gang of leaders belonging to the party’s next generation who have proved their proficiency at exploiting state resources through falsity and conspiracy,” Bhusal wrote further.

Bhushal also alleged that Oli was carrying out a series of actions against the party and Nepal’s communist movement as a whole. “After you took helm of the party leadership, the party fraternity failed to function as per its ideology, principle, and the principle of organizational value.”

While accusing Oli of promoting factionalism in the party, Oli also said that those charged of being involved in corruption are being rewarded while those who made valuable contributions in the formation of the party for decades are being humiliated and cornered.

Earlier, Chairman Oli had sought clarifications from senior leader Madhav Kumar Nepal, Vice Chairman Bhim Rawal, Surendra Pandey and Bhusal for allegedly violating party’s discipline by organizing parallel party activities and supporting the enemy of the party. Oli has already suspended the general membership of Nepal and Rawal for six months alleging that their clarification was not satisfactory.





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